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    About Us
    Location: Home / About Us

    Jiangsu Yinjia Corporation Group locates in Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province, with more than 1200 employees. Its major business involves four segments, intelligent manufacturing, engineering and construction, port logistic, hotel and finance. Yinjia has awarded with many reputations, such as National Observe Contract and Keep Promise Unit, Jiangsu High-Tech Company, Jiangsu Famous Trademark, Jiangsu Famous Products, Double Software Company, etc...

    In engineering and construction segments, Huaxia Installation, one of Yinjia’s subsidiaries, is qualified as National fire-fighting first level, mechanical and electrical second level, providing high quality and efficiency design and construction for fire-fighting, mechanical and electrical equipment, water supply and drainage, building automation, etc. Cooperated with Country Garden Property, Yinjia launched several boutique projects, which has been the landmark of city.  

    In port logistic segments, relying on high-quality waterline of Yangtze River, its harbor equipment base realized connected transportation from Yangtze River to the sea, goods can be directly delivered from base and transported to more than 140 countries. It is the best choice for large-scale offshore engineering equipment, equipment type building, autos, grain and oil, export distribution center, etc.
    Yinjia has obtained more than ten invention patents, more than one hundred authorization patents by its post doctoral work station and provincial research and development center. The cooperation with well-known universities of China, such as Tsinghua University, Southeast University, Huazhong University of  Science, providing strong support and guarantee to design, R&D of products.
    The Party committee of Yinjia implemented the general requirements of party construction in new stage, all members keeps original belief and mission in mind, launched construction of learning organization, to promote Yinjia’s healthy and sustainable development. Yinjia Party committee has been awarded by government and superior party committee with “Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization”, “Legal and Service Oriented Five-star Party Organization”,etc. 
    Looking forward to the future, Yinjia will follow the trend of times, using intelligent interconnection technology, promote the construction of digitalization, automation, informatization, building smart industrial park, plug new wings for a new high-quality development, striding towards  “Ten Billion Yinjia, Century Yinjia, Global Yinjia”! 

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