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    Brand image
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    The logo of Yinjia group evolves from the initial letter "Y" of "Yinjia group". The four blue color blocks on the left side of the logo show a dynamic rise in ladder shape, which not only represents the four business sections of Yinjia group, but also expresses the concept of Yinjia people standing on today and constantly climbing. The green bar color block on the right side of the logo is like a cloud ladder shaking the sky, representing the vigorous image of Yinjia, transcending self and challenging the limit The road of development.

    The logo is No.1 in English. It not only shows the confidence and courage of all the silver beauties to unite as one and meet the challenges, but also shows the courage and boldness of "ten billion silver, one hundred years old and global silver best" through continuous promotion and expansion, bravely climbing the peak and winning the market!

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