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    Industry News
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    Building bridges like building blocks! Unveiling the first prefabricated highway bridge project in Jiangsu Province

    Time:2020/06/21 Visits:787

    300 tons crawler crane will Precast Pier Column
    Accurately set into the reinforcement of bearing platform
    The high-strength mortar laid on the top of bearing platform is extruded
    May 12, as the widest bridge in China
    Prefabricated bridge project with the heaviest cap beam segment tonnage
    The first prefabricated highway bridge project in Jiangsu Province
    And major transportation and livelihood projects in Jiangsu Province
    China Construction Group's CSCEC installation contractor
    Section from Nanjing Raoyue Expressway to xianyinbei section of G312 National Highway
    Reconstruction and expansion project ushers in major resumption node
    The first one is 7.89 meters high and weighs 81.18 tons
    Precast pier column is assembled in place smoothly at one time
    The error is controlled within 2 mm
    It marks that the project has entered the stage of bridge span structure assembly

    Installed as CSCEC
    Important representative project of promoting transformation and upgrading
    G312 National Road Reconstruction and expansion project will be above the original road
    Set up a nearly 5 km "fast corridor"
    The original two-way six lane first-class highway will be constructed
    The traffic is divided into two-way 12 lanes
    After the completion of the Xianlin area to the urban area of Nanjing
    Travel time will be reduced by 20 minutes

    Green environmental protection

    Standardization of prefabricated factory

    Walking into prefabrication base of G312 National Highway Reconstruction Project
    The sound of the machine boomed and the welding spattered
    The workers are working on the assembly line in an orderly manner
    The project team took four months to build
    A 150000 square meter building
    Intelligent and mechanized prefabrication base
    There are 4 component production lines in total
    There are 386 piers and 386 capping beams used in the project
    And 1839 concrete box girder, 144 bridge deck
    After batch prefabrication in the base
    Then they are transported to the construction site and assembled like building blocks

    Compared with traditional road and bridge, most of them are completed on site
    Assembly type "bridging" process adopted in the project
    The overall construction period is reduced by 30%, and the green environment is also provided
    This construction method does not occupy the construction site
    Assembly can also be carried out in the condition of semi-pass of the road
    Greatly reduce construction noise and the generation of construction waste
    Minimum impact on the lives of the public

    Science and technology blessing
    The whole process of prefabrication and installation is accurate and efficient

    At the pier assembly site
    Construction personnel shall reserve sleeve position for pier column
    Three dimensional laser scanning inspection was carried out with embedded reinforcement of bearing platform
    After confirming that there is no deviation
    The crane will accurately align the precast pier column
    Slowly set into the reserved bearing platform reinforcement for pre assembly
    And corrected by Jack
    Technical personnel then use the total station for accurate retest
    The assembly accuracy should be strictly controlled within 2 mm

    The pier column production adopts
    Assembling construction method of grouting sleeve connection
    The error can be controlled within 0.001 mm by laser cutting
    The self-developed positioning plate of CSCEC installation Co., Ltd
    Special screw system for adjusting accuracy
    The combination of the two ensures that the positioning of the embedded reinforcement is exactly the same

    Approach every component in the prefabrication base
    Two dimensional code can be found at the bottom of the component
    And it is embedded with RFID electronic technology chip
    This chip is similar to the electronic ID card of the component
    Just scan the QR code
    You can see the whole record of component positioning and production process
    Every process management has a trace to follow
    After the highway is opened to traffic, electronic chips
    It will also be in the maintenance work of later components
    Play an important role
    The staff only need to hold a radio frequency device
    It can be monitored within 10 meters
    Usage of any component
    In order to judge its use and whether maintenance is needed
    This is also infinite RF technology
    The first application in highway prefabricated bridge engineering in China

    "Smart factory" for component production
    It can also be "packed and taken away" after the completion of the project
    "Landing" again in other prefabricated bridge projects
    Continue to play its role in production
    At the same time of introducing modern advanced equipment
    The concept of intelligent construction and lean construction is also implanted
    It can improve the quality and efficiency of component production
    This "assembled" factory can also be disassembled and reorganized
    Truly realize the recycling of wisdom

    Comprehensively deepen enterprise reform, focus on promoting transformation and upgrading
    CSCEC actively practices new development concept
    Mode innovation, business innovation and technological innovation
    Strengthen the differentiation of professional brand advantages
    It realizes the transformation from professional subcontracting to general contracting
    From traditional electromechanical and petrochemical business to
    Municipal water environmental protection, urban renewal, new infrastructure
    Transformation of equipment manufacturing, industrial intelligence and other new formats
    From traditional construction mode to green construction and intelligent construction
    Construction industrialization and other new construction mode transformation
    Achieving the goal of "one creation and five strong" for CSCEC
    Contribute professional strength!
    Urban renewal
    Yanta District, Xi'an City, 2019
    EPC general contract project of old community reconstruction

    Municipal water environmental protection

    EPC project for capacity expansion of Xi'an No.3 sewage treatment plant

    Yangtze River water diversion project and EPC project of Jurong No.1 water plant

    High end equipment manufacturing

    Propane dehydrogenation of Qingdao Jinneng
    Core equipment manufacturing project (the world's first and largest production capacity)

    Shield machine manufacturer

    Thailand gnp67.5 MW wind power tower manufacturing project

    petrochemical industry

    Hengyi Brunei PMB Petrochemical General Contract Project

    Nanjing Binjiang LNG storage and distribution (phase I) EPC project

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