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    Group News
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    The 2020 group personnel appointment and target responsibility agreement signing meeting was successfully held!

    Time:2020/02/28 Visits:885

    On the afternoon of February 28, in Conference Room 502 on the fifth floor of the administration building, the group held the 2020 personnel appointment and target responsibility agreement signing meeting. Mr. Yao Jianming, the vice president of the company and the management personnel of the group, attended the meeting.
    At the beginning of the meeting, Yao Jianming, chairman and President of the group, announced the organizational structure of the group and the appointment and division of labor of the vice president of the group, announced the personnel appointment of the group departments and each company, and signed the "2020 annual performance appraisal indicators and target responsibility statement" with the responsible persons of each company.
    In 2020, he pointed out that Yao group should focus on the following tasks in 2020
    First, continue to improve the implementation of the general manager responsibility system, realize the unification of the general manager's responsibility, rights and interests, and carry out the project manager responsibility system on a pilot basis;
    Second, we should continue to take sales as the leader, focus on external orders and internal management, and promote the sustainable development of the group through sales;
    Third, continue to deepen brand cooperation, promote the improvement of internal management by brand cooperation, consolidate the foundation, and realize fine manufacturing orderly and gradually;
    The fourth is to continuously improve the executive ability and build a team with responsibility, responsibility and execution.
    Fifth, actively seek project cooperation in emerging industries to promote the transformation and upgrading of the group by emerging projects.
    At the end of the meeting, Mr. Yao called on everyone to strictly require themselves to "improve a little bit every day" to achieve daily cleaning and daily settlement; the work arrangement should be carried out according to the requirements of the "five whatevers" to realize the closed-loop management; the communication and coordination between various departments and companies of the group should be strengthened, and the team should be led to take action in the new year with their own efforts and efforts Action, at the end of the year to obtain satisfactory harvest, to their own and family to hand in satisfactory answers!

    Front page photo of President Yao's speech

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